Seismic and Geological and Services Kraków sp. z o.o. brings a new quality to the market of geological and geophysical surveying. With our unique scientific understanding of geophysics and geology, backed by years of professional experience, we can provide a wide range of services in the surveying and exploration of oil, gas and mineral reservoirs. We deliver projects with proven methodologies and state of the art technologies.

Your success is our mission, but there is more: we believe that the foundation of success is in maintaining a close working relationship through all stages of a project, while implementing end-to-end solutions that meet the custom project requirements and eliminate potential delivery problems.

The business areas of Seismic and Geological and Services Kraków sp. z o.o. include the processing and interpretation of seismic and well log data, as well as reservoir engineering.

We also provide a range of support services for oil and gas projects, including design engineering and the supervision of seismic field work and well boring.