The in-depth technical know-how of our specialists, backed by state of the art and proven technologies, is how we provide reliable, effective and high quality processing of 2D and 3D seismic data from onshore, offshore and tidal zones.

We apply a multidisciplinary approach to solving complex problems in seismic data processing, especially for projects that involve complex geological structures.

The professional experience of our team guarantees the superior quality of our seismic data processing services, improving your chances of a successful usable reservoir survey. The high qualifications of the team in this field are proven by their professional licenses, certification and training.

Our seismic data processing services include:

  • In-field and QC processing
  • Processing, reprocessing and merging of different vintages of 2D/3D data
  • PostStack and PreStack Time and Depth Migration
  • Seismic inversion analysis and AVO studies
  • High resolution data processing
  • Multicomponent seismic data processing and modelling
  • Seismic database management
  • Digitalizing of 2D archive paper data