With our professional experience, high competencies and technological solutions acclaimed by the oil and gas industry, we can deliver superior quality services in the geophysical and geological interpretation of seismic and well log data.

The skilful application of many dedicated interpretative tools helps us to deliver even the most complex of projects involving conventional or unconventional oil and gas reservoirs.

Our data interpretation services include:

  • Structural interpretation of 2D/3D seismic data
    • Integrated seismic interpretation
    • 3D visualization and modelling
  • Complex lithology and facies interpretation
    • Seismic attributes analysis
    • Seismic inversion
    • Simultaneous inversion
    • AVO analysis
    • Spectral decomposition
    • Lithology and fluid prediction
  • Digitization of well log data
  • Processing & interpretation of well logging data
    • Open hole logging interpretation
    • Cased hole & production logging interpretation
  • Sequence stratigraphy analysis
    • Well-to-well correlation
    • Modelling and interpretation of deposit systems

The seismic data interpretation services also cover reservoir analysis for building static and dynamic models, including:

  • Qualitative interpretation of lithology in wells
  • Facial analysis of deposits and architecture definition
  • 3D structural model construction
  • Spatial petrophysical modelling
  • Identification of perspective zones and spatial reservoir model construction

Our reservoir modelling analyses also include:

  • Reservoir model calculation
  • Conceptual model design
  • Static model upscaling
  • Fluid model (PVD)
  • Analysis of rock properties
  • Well completion design
  • Numerical simulation of different production strategies